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Looking for affordable, talented artists?
Make your next event amazing!

Artists worldwide use our mobile-app to improve their skills &
network (if you’re an artist download the free app ).

When you need an artist, post a job below. We’ll notify artists on
our app & elsewhere. They usually start opting-in within minutes.
Choose 3 finalists & negotiate direct, no commissions.

Money-back guaranteed. 003 question 268ddc5c824a1c08ae011a6f3934ed3c291d4cbff9f0a5f34dc6f64d5c255b36

We’ve know all the artists! Post a job with your terms. We notify all the artists around. They opt-in so you only see interested artists. Choose 3 profiles & negotiate direct. No commissions.

Step 1 (of 3) - what’s the gig?

Step 2 (of 3) - what do you need?

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Step 3 - pay to post. Pay talent direct if you hire them.

Your Artists Post Fee
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Talented Artist? Join the crew. Download the amazing free app. Network with other talent. Build your portfolio. Get paid work. Shiz just got real.