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We have created a global community of talent, agencies and clients connecting intelligently in real time. If you are talent looking to network and build a great portfolio, an agency looking to slash costs & simplify your life, or someone who needs to hire talent for an event shoot is your solution.








Mobile App

Never waste your time again.

Easy,Simple,Fast. The best way to get to paid work as a photographer or talented artist is with Network intelligently in our free app where you'll build your portfolio incredibly fast. Plus puts you center stage with companies offering paid work,and all without you lifting another finger.

Website Marketplace

Book talent for almost anything, fast and simple. means no more endless searching for a photographer or a talented artist. searches for you,slashing the cost and hassle of booking talent for all types of events. Plus we have built in tools to help make your campaigns go viral or get feedabck pre-launch.


Simple Dashboard

Grow your agency fast. Get real time access to your talent's profiles,location, travel dates, latest photos & more via the online dashboard. Send talent profiles to clients with one click and access our global network of talent to grow your Roaster and fill that lucrative job instantly. Forget about spreadsheets and phone calls that lead nowhere. will free your time and help you make more deals.


...and it all starts with the clever mobile app


Photo/videographers, meet the world's freshest talent


Build a profile

Building your profile on could not be simpler. List images availabilities,interests, location and travel dates with just few clicks. keep it up to date as thats what booker's use to hire you.

Maximize your time

What could be simpler than 'like&click' mobile app? Connect with like minded talent fast, when and where you are, as matches you intelligently to build your portfolio. All free to you.

Get paid work

Job offers 'pop-up' on your phone with indicative dates, times & budgets. Accept or decline to be shortlisted. Finalist negotiate actual terms directly with clients. Only accept if you want to #GoRomey

  mobile app for talented artists like you

Native in Android and IOS


Free App

Yes, is totally free to use. You can choose to upgrade to Pro or Elite when you are ready to accept paid job offers, but receiving them is still free too.

Intelligent Networking

The app suggests to you like-minded talent who are more likely to be interested in working with you and who are available when and where you are.

Instant Push Notification

Everything happens as a pop up via the app. so you are in real time contact with other talent and bookers. Plus you only chat with people you have shown an interest in.

Photo/Videographers and Talent is designed to match photographers and videographers with talented artists worldwide so they can all build amazing portfolios and get paid work.

*Paid only Job Offers

Agencies, companies and the public use the to promote job offers of all sorts. Get pop-up notifications via the app & opt-in to the ones you like.

*Web Dashboard & more

No need to maintain an online portfolio. With Pro/Elite memebers get one free, auto-updated from the app , plus you can verify your cell phone for a 'verified' icon.

*All the members get job notices but Pro/Elite members can apply for jobs, get a webprofile and more

Let's get started....

If you are a photographer/videographer or a talented artist, download the free mobile app.

If you are an agency or someone else looking to hire or manage talent, start by creating a free account.





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