Less Hassle, More Work

Slash the time, cost and hassle of finding and managing talent.

With the Romey.co virtual agency you are in constant contact with your talent in real time, 24/7 worldwide. Booking talent is an often expensive and laborious process. Romey.co provides a platform for managing your talent in real time.

All talent data via the mobile app is available to you instantly. Location availability,latest photos stats(did they just changed hair colour?) and more are available in real time so you can shortlist, send comp-cards and book the job in record time. All your talent have to do is to keep their Romey app up to date.


Mobile App

Never waste your time again.

  • Your talent maintain their profiles in-app
  • It's super easy and fun to do.
  • Plus, you don't have to do that job now.
  • Everything in the app is available to you.
Plus Talent pay $9.99 a month for a pro account, so don't pay anything at all( unless you want to do)

Website Marketplace

Book talent for almost anything, fast and simple.

All your talent's Romey.co profile means more coverage for you and & more oppurtunities to win jobs.

Plus when you have got a job and you don't have the talent in-hours for, Romey.co is a massive international database for you to leverage as your own. So now you will never struggle to fill that client need again.

Simple Dashboard

Grow your agency fast. Get real time access to your talent's profiles,location, travel dates, latest photos & more via the online dashboard. Send talent profiles to clients with one click and access our global network of talent to grow your Roaster and fill that lucrative job instantly. Forget about spreadsheets and phone calls that lead nowhere. Romey.co will free your time and help you make more deals.


Find, sign, book, manage... it's all here.


You're an Agency.

Access talent's details, photos, travel dates, specs and more in real-time on your dashboard. Share their online portfolio with clients in one click. Find new talent when you need them. All free to you

You need to save time.

Let the talent keep their profiles up to date in our free mobile app, saving you the time and money involved in keeping track of them. Suddenly you are focussed on your clients.

Want to know more? Contact us to qualify

You need to make money

Post your offer. Specify your terms. Deal directly with quality talent. Shortlist your preferred candidates. Negotiate terms such as royalities directly. #GoRomey


Agency Dashboard

Never waste your time again

Imagine a simple dashboard to manage your talents profiles online. Your talent maintain their profiles in the mobile app. It's intuitive & instant. Now, imagine sending talent profiles to clients with one click or connecting with the talent via pop-ups on their phone. Imagine


Let's get started....

If you are a photographer/videographer or a talented artist, download the free mobile app.

If you are an agency or someone else looking to hire or manage talent, start by creating a free account.





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